Full Ram -(Slaughtered) - (Local Market)

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This is Full Ram -(Slaughtered) - (Local Market) butchered into average cut sizes - most parts of the goat.

The West African Full Ram -(Slaughtered) - (Local Market) is native to western Africa and it is used as the major condiment in dishes such as Asun, Pepper Soup, Nkwobi, etc.

Full Ram -(Slaughtered) - (Local Market) meat is famed as a healthier meat, because it is believed to contain less of harmful cholesterol than the red meat.

Nevertheless, Full Ram -(Slaughtered) - (Local Market) meat is tasty and flavorful and it gives an inviting aroma to soups and stews; that is why it is preferred by many.

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Ram meat health benefits

Ram Meat               Serving Size: 100 gr

General                     Value – DV%

Energy                       109 kcal

Protein                      20.6 gr

Water                                    75.84 gr

Ash                             1.11 gr

Total Fat                    3 gr

Saturated Fat          0.71 gr

Monounsaturated Fat      1 gr

Polyunsaturated Fat          0.17 gr

Cholesterol               57 gr



Thiamin                     0.11 mg

Riboflavin                 0.49 mg

Niacin                                    3.75 mg

Vitamin B6               0.26 mg

Panthothenic Acid 0.45 mg

Folate            5 mcg

Vitamin B12            112 mcg

Vitamin A      3 µg

Vitamin E      1 mg

Vitamin C      1 mg

Vitamin K      2 µg


Calcium         13 mg

Iron                2.83 mg

Phosphorus 180 mg

Zinc                4 mg

Copper          0.25 mg

Manganese  0.038 mg

Selenium       8.8 mcg


Potassium     385 mg

Sodium          82 mg


Ram like goat meat contains Vitamin B, which helps you burn fat. Considering that goat meat contains high amounts of lean proteins and low amounts of saturated fat, it helps control weight and reduces the risk of obesity and is also rich in calcium.

Buy Full Ram -(Slaughtered) - (Local Market) on 247foods.ng