Eja Efolo/Dry Fish - 1 pack(About 25pcs)

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Eja Efolo/Dry Fish - 1 pack(About 25pcs)

Buy Eja Efolo/Dry Fish - 1 pack(About 25pcs) online on 247foods.ng. Dried fish helps to mitigate the occurrence of heart attacks and keeps the body's circulation functioning well. Dry fish is a natural product and one that has got immense amount of omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants in it. This is the kind of food item that is regarded as the healthiest one for humans. Dried fish has got the ability for ensuring that the individual is saved from heart attacks and also ensures the circulation of the body to function properly. There are so many advantages that one can get from eating dried fish. These fishes are also great way for you to store the fish as you may need to consume the fish even offseason. Protein is a key source of antibodies and enzymes for all living beings, and makes up an essential part of muscles, hair and other bodily components. Dried fish provides an excellent source of protein with fewer calories than other foods such as beef. One hundred grams of dried fish contains about 80 percent protein with 300 calories, while beef has more than twice the calories with far less protein. Numerous researches have shown that fish is good for the health. Based on health results for the last 40 years, a group of American scientists have concluded that consumption of fish minimizes the risk of stroke. The group pointed out that it is not enough to look at the omega-3 fatty acids alone in fish to improve health, one should also consider other components in fish, such as fish proteins.
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