Ayoola Foods Poundo Yam Flour 1.8kg

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Ayoola Poundo Yam is an easy to make pounded yam that takes away the noise from using mortar and pestle, mess and the utilization of energy  from pounding yams  in a mortar and replaces it with the quiet ease of mixing the poundo yam flour in a pot.

The poundo yam flour gives a delicious tastes and tantalizing smell and wen you combine the gulping of it into your stomach with our local Nigeria soup ( I can see you salivating) , you get the best combination of all the classes of food in one package. Protein, carbohydrate, fat and oil, vitamins, mineral salt and of course you have water by your side to gulp it down.

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Enjoy a true African dish, a well-served Poundo Yam Flour meal with any variety of your favourite soup. With a quick, convenient, and stress free preparation method that takes away all the stress of pounding in a mortar using a pestle and is ready within 10 minutes. This is a highly nutritious Poundo Yam Flour from Ayoola Foods  made with essential nutritional value that ensures it comes with an unmistakable taste and delight carried by traditional African food.