Achicha- 1 Paint, About 2.2kg (Local market)

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Buy Achicha from 247foods.ng .Achicha also known as Echicha is a traditional african dish from the Eastern region in Nigeria. An Eastern African delicacy prepared with:
Scent leaves
pigeon peas
and other and traditional spices.

With a cooking time of 25 minutes and a prep time of 30 minutes, when Achicha is perfectly spiced, the dish is tantalizing, and tasty to eat. Achicha is a delicacy that you can enjoy at anytime time of the year. Though a food from the eastern part of Nigeria, it can be enjoyed by all.

Buy Achicha. Achicha is a pre-cooked and sun dried cocoyam. Buy Achicha from 247foods.ng, we deliver within 24 hours.